Younger Photography 2021 round up

Younger Photography 2021 round up!

It was another tough year for the wedding industry. A massive heart felt thank you to all of Younger Photography’s clients ( past, present and future)  that have supported us this year.

We managed to win more awards than ever this year including many weddings awards but overall SW wedding photographer of the year was a huge achievement.

Let’s now focus on 2022! :))





  1. Brian Robinson

    Great work Andrew! Love the video.

    • ayounger

      Awesome, thanks for stopping by Brian.Hope you have a busy wedding season.

  2. paul

    refreshing to see a video of images instead of a blog post 🙂 Love the one with the 2 bridesmaids doing cartwheels on the lawn, great capture. I hope 2022 is just as good 🙂

    • ayounger

      Thanks Paul, Yes lets hope 2022 will bring us all lots of fun, relaxed weddings!

  3. Will Dolphin

    Well done Andrew, beautiful set of photos, and hope you have another great year 🙂

    • ayounger

      Thank You very much Will, Hope you have a busy year too 🙂


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