Wedding photographers Dartmoor

Dartmoor wedding at Morrland Gardens Hotel.

With so much going on in our world right now with Agnieszka & I having another baby in the next few days and the Plymouth Herald baby of the year photo shoot things have been super busy. It’s a poor excuse I know especially as we have photographed so many wonderful weddings  since the last post, I feel we may  never get around to them all. In the mean time please enjoy Yasmin and Luke’s wedding photographs from their gorgeous summer September wedding  at Moorland Gardens Hotel.

Yasmin & Luke03Yasmin & Luke04Yasmin & Luke05Yasmin & Luke06Yasmin & Luke07Yasmin & Luke08Yasmin & Luke09Yasmin & Luke10Yasmin & Luke11Yasmin & Luke12Yasmin & Luke13Yasmin & Luke14
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