Love Bambino – Henry 8 days old

Love Bambino is the name we have decided to use for our new born baby portraits. When our baby boy ( Woody ) was born 16 months ago we had a lot of interest on Facebook after putting a few of his images on our Younger Photography page.

“Wow I never seen anything like it”

At first we wanted to keep the Portrait style we produced special for Woody……. but that would be selfish

so introducing

Henry , he only 9 days young!

We understand how little time you have spare during the first few days of looking after your new special package but……….Time is exactly what you don’t have. These images need to be taken as soon as possible the Younger ( pardon the Pun) the Better!

Before you know it your newborn is a toddler, taking his or her own images with your iPhone 😉


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