Looe wedding photography

Fine art wedding photography on the train tracks to Looe

I kew I shouldn’t have mentioned the weather in my last post!  Fog, Fog, Fog , Drizzle and More fog with touch of mist for good measure was to be the order of the day.

The drive from Plymouth along the  Looe road to Duloe to Photograph Hannah & Dan’s wedding was an adventure in itself!  Even with lights on I could hardly see the cars on the road ahead.

Hannah seemed so chilled out when I explained our poor weather guarantee. When I finished Hannah looked  at me then out  of the window into a blanket of mist and said ” it’s not that bad is it?”

Two photographers had been booked, so I left to catch up with the lads at St Cuby’s church in Duloe. We  intended to shoot this wedding 100% digital on the Canon 5D mk3 ‘s but I couldn’t help breaking out a  1960’s Rolleiflex 3.5f  loaded with a half a roll of Kodak Ektar film.  before I knew it I was wielding a Hasselblad H1 loaded with Kodak Portra 400. I’m so comfortable Shooting film at weddings I love the results and the conditions made for some interesting images. ( We will post the film images in a separate post)

We always talk about how beautiful our brides and  bridesmaids look, in this case Hannah  and her girls truly did look amazing but so did the groom & his grooms men, Dressed in  Tweed they really did suit the Cornish countryside wedding theme. Think I might start wearing tweed.

Please enjoy a small selection of images that tell Dan and Hannah’s wedding story. I particularly love the images of the Bridesmaids emerging from the mist at the church.

Buzz from VW Love bus was transporting the bridesmaids!



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