Back to present a workshop at Plymouth College of Art and Design

I went to PCAD in the 90’s, I have such fond memories and met some great friends, Students & Lecturers.  This is the 2nd time I’ve done a little workshop at the College. I find it so refreshing to meet and talk to students willing to learn and understand the fundamentals and the working intricacies of the “Photograph”, seeing students brandishing light meters with cameras set to manual operation settings was such a delight. I don’t want to turn this into a rant …… BUT.. Digital photography has boosted the quality of todays photography and allowed image makers to experiment with lighting and textures that would have cost us hundreds of pounds ( does for those of us who still shoot traditional film). Nothing wrong with that, what Digital has done is open a Pandora’s box for people photographing weddings because they have watched a few You-Tube movies or they have photographed a wedding over the shoulder of a wedding photographer at a friends wedding. I’m rambling sorry, back to my point if you want to be a photographer and take on commissions like someone’s wedding – GO Study Photography, or at the very least find a position to assist a photographer then work your way up to the position of 2nd shooter. Rant over.

I would like to thank all the Students from the Photographic department for your time and enthusiasm I think you all are  fabulous, you listened and asked questions. THANK YOU 🙂 I wish you all the best on the next stage of your Journeys.

Thank you to Jane for inviting me in & thank you to Andy for taking a few images of me during the presentation. PS I hope you liked the New Fuji X-pro 2 😉



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