Spring weddings are here in Devon

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Plymouth Weddings

So Spring is here and its about time!!!! the Winter seemed so looooong.

As promised Dean & Rebecca, here are a few teasers to tide you over until my Film scans arrive next week.

Here are a few words from Dean reviewed on our Facebook page.

“You guys were amazing yesterday. Thank you so much. We cannot wait to see the photo’s!” a copy and paste from Deans review on our Facebook page. Thank you so much for your  Facebook review Dean. Online reviews are a fantastic tool to help potential clients find us. 🙂

Trevenna Barns is a  fairly new  wedding venue to the Southwest, we love the contemporary decor  and the many Photographic opportunities.

All these are digital images as soon as my film scans arrive I will add a few more 🙂

While I’m sharing the love I would really like take this cheeky opportunity to thank Martin at luxury drive  for always being so helpful & patient.



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