That moment when you realise a work balance can make you family rich.

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Wedding at the Great Barn near Exeter.

Finally we got around to choosing our favourite Images from 2015 weddings.

As I started to write this journal entry I began thinking about my busy life, my family life. I intended to write something completely different……

Last Year was a truly awesome year, we managed to find a good balance between work and young family life. We decided to stick to local weddings venues. Life goes by too fast and the choice was  made after having our first child, Woody. Now we have another, our baby girl Misia (pronounced Misha).

“The stay local” decision was definitely the right one to make although at times it was really hard turning down beautiful weddings outside our precious Devon and Cornwall. Working as part of the team at Kitley house has helped us maintain this family  balance.

Thanks to my lovely wife I still managed to squeeze two amazing kick ass work shops one in Las Vegas and one in Venice last year to recharge my creative batteries and push our business. I learnt a lot and met some of the most inspirational photographers (now friends) from around the world.

We are very grateful to all our clients and future clients who entrusted Younger to tell their story. We genuinely love what we do and we put our hearts into every wedding to ensure that you will be left with beautiful, happy memories of love and friendship.

So raise a glass to Family, to 2015 and another glass to a very busy 2016. With 2017 and 2018 bookings well on their way our cameras will keep on happily clicking.

If you are planning a funky Southwest wedding please get in touch to see if we are available, we are offering some hefty discounts to jolly nice people with jolly nice plans and Jolly interesting local venues…



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