Wedding photographers Plymouth, are the 1st photographers to photograph a wedding at the recently refurbished Kitley House hotel wedding venue in Devon.

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We photograph a  quite a few weddings each year many of those are at Kitley House.  For many reasons I will always remember the wedding of Abi + Ric, It was a very special and colourful  wedding!!!

This was the 1st wedding after Kitley House  Hotel in Yealmpton had unveiled “the new look Kitley” at its Summer wedding show in conjunction with  it was also my 1st wedding on “Kitley island” out-door weddings in the UK are rare, unusual, almost unheard of but this year has bucked the trend of rain, rain rain in  favour of Sun, Sun & more Sun….


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    Civil wedding outside on Kitley house Island.Younger_Photography_Kitley_ House0076Younger_Photography_Kitley_ House0077Younger_Photography_Kitley_ House0078Stella from VW Love Bus is a 21 window camper van. She can seat upto 6 peopleKitley House wedding, VW love bus takes Groom and groom's men down to Kitley island for an outside civil weddingYounger_Photography_Kitley_ House0081Civil wedding at Kitley House.Younger_Photography_Kitley_ House0083Younger_Photography_Kitley_ House008421 window samba, Stella from VW Love BusYounger_Photography_Kitley_ House0086Younger_Photography_Kitley_ House0087Younger_Photography_Kitley_ House0088Younger_Photography_Kitley_ House0089Younger_Photography_Kitley_ House0090VW Lovebus, Stella at Kitley HouseYounger_Photography_Kitley_ House0092