photographers shooting Film at weddings

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Hasselbald H1 Wedding photography shot on film

I have posted these images on our Facebook page, Head over for the latest updates. These images are from my Film sessions,  Increasing  my love of shooting weddings on Film I ended up shooting loads of rolls at Sam & Dan’s wedding.

It was great to see Michelle, one of our previous brides as a Bridesmaids  resulting in a  complete role reversal for Sam.

Many thanks to my lab of choice UK Film Lab

I took a large selection of film cameras on this wedding, including a Hasselblad H1, Contax 645, Rolleiflex 3.5F, Leica M6 as well as two digital Canon 5dmk3’s with a  large selection of lenses. I need a wheelbarrow!



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    Groom at St Marys Church Plympton, shot using traditional photography film.Younger_Photography_images_on_line_0273Plympton weddings shot on Film. over ten years ago we moved across to Digital a decade later we are making big moves to move back to film. Contax 645 #filmShooting weddings on film in the UKWedding ceremonies Shot on Film using a Contax 645. Wedding photographers in Plymouth.Hasselblad wedding photography, H1 loaded with Portra 400 by Kodak Alaris. Dev and scanned by Uk Film lab.Boringdon hall weddings, all these images have been captured using a Hasselblad H1 loaded with Kodak Portra 400.Boringdon hall Plymouth wedding photography shot on FilmPushing Kodak Portra at wedding during the ceremony can allow fro some beautiful moments caught on film.